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The Candidates listed here will be on the 2024 Primary Ballot , Tuesday, March 19.  Click here to register or update your registration. Click here to print out an Absentee ballot request form (applications for 2024 will be accepted by the Richland County Board of Elections after 12/20/23).For questions or more information, go to or call the Richland County BOE, 419-774-5530.


Tamie Wilson.jpg

I am an entrepreneur, single mom, and an advocate for all Ohio families. I have made it my life’s work to help people live happier healthier lives. As an Ohio native, I know that the everyday lives of Ohioans are often forgotten in the headlines and culture wars of Washington DC.

For me, representing the people of Ohio’s 4th Congressional district is less about high profile headlines and cable news appearances. Instead it needs to be about addressing the challenges facing Ohioans, much of which I have experienced personally.

It’s time to solve problems and produce results that will actually improve lives. It’s time to focus on us here in Ohio's Fourth District. I'm running to send the message that Congress should be less about headlines and more about serving us, right here at home!    MORE

Jeff Sites.jpg

Like all parents, what I want most in the world is for my kid to have a better life than I did. That’s the American Dream. I’m raising my daughter in the same place where I grew up. That dream’s much harder to achieve now then when my parents were raising me.


There are fewer opportunities for working people, and there are challenges my parents never imagined. I know. I've faced them. Rather than working for us, I see Washington more focused on radical agendas and the needs of billionaires. I can no longer stand by and watch. 

If we want Washington to listen to the working class, we must send working class voices to Washington. Our democracy and government should reflect the people of America and serve their needs, not special interests or corporate donors. In Congress, I will fight to end political corruption, increase government transparency, and hold leaders of both parties accountable. I am committed to protecting American taxpayers and eliminating waste, fraud, and abuse. My vote is not for sale and never will be.    MORE

Steve Thomas_edited.jpg

In 2022, my community was gerrymandered into Ohio’s 4th Congressional district, one held by Jim Jordan for 16 years. In those 16 years in Congress, he hasn’t sponsored one bill that benefits the 4th District. He has done nothing for the people he represents. At the start of the 118th Congress, we witnessed Jordan and his ‘Freedom Caucus’ hijack Congress and the traditional conservatives to demand personal concessions to further their political ambitions. This is no way to run our county. 

I am running for the United States Congress to represent the Ohio 4th District because its best interests are neither being served nor promoted by Jim Jordan. I am running to protect our civil liberties and fight for liberties that have yet to be fully realized such as reproductive freedom, equal pay for women, and racial equality.

I know how to solve problems and get results because I've spent my career doing it. I am a business leader and job creator. I founded and built an Ohio-based, international technology company, creating over 250 high paying jobs and adding millions into the local tax base. I have the intelligence, tenacity, grit, and leadership ability to do the right things for the Ohio 4th and our Nation.


The only way to change Congress is to change the people representing us in Congress. We deserve better. That’s why I am Running for the People.     MORE

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