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The Candidates listed here will be on the 2024 Primary Ballot , Tuesday, March 19.  Click here to register or update your registration. Click here to print out an Absentee ballot request form (applications for 2024 will be accepted by the Richland County Board of Elections after 12/20/23).For questions or more information, go to  or call the Richland County BOE, 419-774-5530.


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Senator Brown is running for re-election this year and is a target for Republicans who want to take back the Senate. Born and raised in Mansfield, Ohio, Sherrod saw firsthand how corporations lobbied for tax breaks and bad trade deals that shipped Ohio jobs overseas. That’s why he’s always opposed unfair trade deals that hurt Ohio workers and why he stood up to his own party to lead the opposition against NAFTA. 


Sherrod has dedicated his life to fighting for Ohioans and the Dignity of Work — a concept inspired by the work and writings of Pope Leo XIII and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It’s the belief that hard work should pay off for everyone, no matter who you are, where you live, or what kind of work you do. Whether you punch a clock or swipe a badge, earn a salary or make tips, are raising children or caring for an aging parent, Sherrod is fighting for you. MORE 

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I am an entrepreneur, single mom, and an advocate for all Ohio families. I have made it my life’s work to help people live happier healthier lives. As an Ohio native, I know that the everyday lives of Ohioans are often forgotten in the headlines and culture wars of Washington DC.

For me, representing the people of Ohio’s 4th Congressional district is less about high profile headlines and cable news appearances. Instead it needs to be about addressing the challenges facing Ohioans, much of which I have experienced personally.

It’s time to solve problems and produce results that will actually improve lives. It’s time to focus on us here in Ohio's Fourth District. I'm running to send the message that Congress should be less about headlines and more about serving us, right here at home!    MORE

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In 2022, my community was gerrymandered into Ohio’s 4th Congressional district, one held by Jim Jordan for 16 years. In those 16 years in Congress, he hasn’t sponsored one bill that benefits the 4th District. He has done nothing for the people he represents. At the start of the 118th Congress, we witnessed Jordan and his ‘Freedom Caucus’ hijack Congress and the traditional conservatives to demand personal concessions to further their political ambitions. This is no way to run our county. 

I am running for the United States Congress to represent the Ohio 4th District because its best interests are neither being served nor promoted by Jim Jordan. I am running to protect our civil liberties and fight for liberties that have yet to be fully realized such as reproductive freedom, equal pay for women, and racial equality.

I know how to solve problems and get results because I've spent my career doing it. I am a business leader and job creator. I founded and built an Ohio-based, international technology company, creating over 250 high paying jobs and adding millions into the local tax base. I have the intelligence, tenacity, grit, and leadership ability to do the right things for the Ohio 4th and our Nation.


The only way to change Congress is to change the people representing us in Congress. We deserve better. That’s why I am Running for the People.     MORE

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Alomar Davenport for State Representative - 76th District

For democracy to thrive, it requires two key elements. The first of which is respecting the wishes of the people. We live in a majority rules society. The will of the people is the most fundamental element of any democracy. Every voting eligible adult has a voice and that voice is heard in elections. Elections are never unanimous, which means in every election there will be a group of people who do not like the results. Nevertheless, for democracy to thrive we must respect and adhere to the rule of the majority.


The second element is for the people to have an option at the polls. Uncontested races pull at the very fabric of a democracy as it does not allow the people to choose their leadership. Without the ability to hear from at least two candidates and vote for the one who best aligns with your way of thinking the election process is no longer democratic. Whether voting for a candidate or issue, an option when voting is the only way a voice can be heard. Without a choice, voices become mute.


District 76, you will not be muted. You will have an opportunity to use your voice. You will have the opportunity to choose between candidates and vote for who best aligns with your way of thinking. In 2024 you will have the opportunity to choose your leadership. Your voice will be respected and the will of the people will be.

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Elected to the Ohio Court of Appeals, 8th District, in 2020, Judge Lisa Forbes has extensive experience as a trial lawyer in courts across Ohio at both the state and federal levels. In the primary race for the Democratic nomination for an unexpired term on the Ohio Supreme Court, she has been endorsed by the Ohio Democratic Party. Her expert approach to handling intricate cases has earned her the highest peer rating by lawyers.

With a 30-year career as a business litigator and a partner at the Cleveland office of a national law firm, Judge Forbes helped her clients resolve disputes ranging from complex business litigation to consumer class actions to legal malpractice, to trust and estate disputes, and so much more. She has dedicated herself to learning about the intricacies of the law and understanding the impact the law has on various communities.

Before that, Judge Forbes worked on Capitol Hill and campaigned professionally for Democrats. She has maintained the dedication to get Democrats elected by working with the Ohio Democratic Party voter protection program, ensuring every registered voter can cast a ballot and have it count. Additionally, her leadership on various boards helps provide access to opportunities for some of Cuyahoga County's most vulnerable residents.

As the granddaughter of immigrants and a first-generation college graduate, Judge Forbes graduated summa cum laude from Case Western Reserve School of Law. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Cornell University.   MORE

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Judge Terri Jamison’s life is a testament to her strength and passion for people
and fairness. She began her work history in social work with the West Virginia
Department of Welfare. She became a trailblazer when she was one of few
women to join the United Mine Workers of America. She moved to Columbus,
Ohio when mass layoffs shut the mines down.

As a single parent, she worked a variety of jobs before becoming a small
business owner for more than 16 years. Ever in pursuit of excellence, she
became a nontraditional student at Columbus State Community College,
ultimately graduating cum laude from Franklin University with a Bachelor of
Science degree. The quest continued when she enrolled in Capital University
Law School where she obtained her juris doctor degree.

As an attorney, she stood beside families in crisis not corporations, representing
them in various courts around Ohio and in U. S. District Court, in administrative
hearings, and later being hired to preside over unemployment compensation
claims. She comes to this campaign with more than a decade as a judge, having
served on the Franklin County Court Domestic Relations and Juvenile Branch,
and now on the Ohio Court of Appeals, Tenth District.

Judge Jamison believes that  “when the law is not on your side, you
deserve to be heard, and treated with dignity and respect.”    MORE

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