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Operation Research Book By Pk Gupta Free Download !EXCLUSIVE!

How to Download Operation Research Book By Pk Gupta for Free and Learn the Basics of OR

Operation Research (OR) is a branch of mathematics that deals with the application of scientific methods and techniques to solve complex problems in various fields and industries. OR helps in optimizing the performance, efficiency, and quality of systems and processes by using mathematical models, algorithms, and simulations. OR can be used for decision making, planning, scheduling, resource allocation, inventory management, transportation, logistics, project management, and more.

Operation Research Book By Pk Gupta Free Download


If you are interested in learning OR and want to get a comprehensive and easy-to-understand book on this subject, you might want to download Operation Research Book By Pk Gupta for free. This book is written by P.K. Gupta and D.S. Hira, who are experts and experienced teachers in OR. This book covers the fundamental concepts, methods, and applications of OR in a clear and logical manner. It also includes numerous examples, exercises, case studies, and illustrations to help you grasp the topics and practice your skills.

What is Operation Research Book By Pk Gupta?

Operation Research Book By Pk Gupta is a textbook for students of mathematics, statistics, commerce, engineering, management, and other disciplines that involve OR. It is also useful for professionals and practitioners who want to refresh their knowledge or learn new techniques in OR. It is also helpful for aspirants of competitive examinations such as IAS and other civil services.

Operation Research Book By Pk Gupta covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to OR

  • Linear Programming

  • Transportation Problems

  • Assignment Problems