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Steinberg The Grand Piano 3 Torrent

Steinberg has released a new high-quality virtual piano Steinberg The Grand 3. Grand 3 contains all the artistic details that elevate the virtual instrument to an unprecedented height of realistic sound. It features the three grand pianos (Yamaha C7, Bösendorfer 290 Imperial, Steinway D), the Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand digital piano and the Nordiska Pianofabriken piano. All instruments were recorded in studio conditions using a large number of microphones. The incomparable sound of the piano Yamaha C7 is a champion in beauty and musicality. This incredible sound was the result of a long work of programmers and musicians. The virtual piano Yamaha C7 is able to convey all the features of musical expressiveness in the performance.

steinberg the grand piano 3 torrent

You might not even own a full-length, 88-key digital piano, but may only have a MIDI keyboard with 49 or even 25 keys. Yet you will still be able to score that grand piano sound with the power of MIDI editing.

There is no one answer to this question. A good place to start is to identify which acoustic piano brand produces the sound you prefer, whether a Steinway, Bösendorfer, Yamaha grand piano, etc.

The Vienna Imperial virtual grand piano by Vienna Symphonic Library is recorded on the Bösendorfer 290-755 with a huge 1,200 of samples recorded per key applying a large magnitude of pianistic possibilities.

It is one of the more versatile piano VSTs and fits many playing styles, serving well as a concerto grand that may be heard over an orchestra. It has a large dynamic range, allowing for delicate passages and soaring fortissimos.

The instruments vary from Baroque harpsichords and Steinway & Sons classical grand pianos, to rock pianos and auxiliary instruments like the xylophone and celeste.

The library samples its sound from three grand piano models: the Bösendorfer 290 Imperial Grand, Steinway D Concert Grand, and the Yamaha C7 Grand, all three of which are included in the bundle.

The library bundle includes a vast array of presets, allowing you to preview the grand pianos in a different recording environment (microphone placements, hall/room types, reverberation, etc.) and to adjust these nuances accordingly.

The Ivory II has focused heavily on replicating grand piano samples and allowing users to recreate a piano performance as if they were playing on a Steinway, Bösendorfer, or Yamaha grand. The library features Sympathetic String Resonance, which allows a true sound of resonance when a key is struck.

Garritan is garbage. I have most of those VST libraries. Most of them have been uninstalled. The only ones that I still use consistently are Pianoteq Pro 7 Studio Bundle and Keyscape. And as far as acoustic grand pianos are concerned, Pianoteq Pro has no competition. I keep Keyscape purely for the electrics.

Yamaha C7The unparalleled tone of a Yamaha C7 grand was recorded in its whole beauty and musical range. Its incredible sound, resulting from the tonal projection and long sustain, and response with super realistic playing behavior delivers the musical equivalent of perfection. This virtual piano is truly in a class of its own and conveys the expressiveness of the player.

Steinway DThe enchanting depth of tone and ultra-responsive touch of the Steinway D grand piano is reflected in the Model D found in The Grand 3. Its warm and vibrantly rich sound and its overall performance simply make playing this virtual piano as enjoyable as possible.

Yamaha CP80The Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand is one of the most favorable classic electric grand pianos around and comes with built-in effects, such as tremolo, phaser, flanger and chorus. Here Steinberg has acquired the samples directly from the source: the content experts at Yamaha.

Three of the five pianos modelled in The Grand 3 are the Yamaha C7, the Bosendorfer 290 and the Steinway D. These offerings represent the very best in grand pianos and are the same models used in Ivory, QL Pianos, and two of the models in NI's Akoustik Piano. For the composer/producer who doesn't know his Steinway from a fish fillet, think of these as your Stratocaster, Les Paul and Telecaster of grands. To round out the sonic palette, The Grand 3 adds a Nordiska Pianofabriken upright and Yamaha CP80 Electric. These two aren't grand pianos, but let's not get caught up in semantics. Any upright is a welcome addition to a piano library and the CP80... well, think of it as a gift from your friends at Yamaha.

The rustic folk theme quiets down with brief interruptions of what will be the pleading lyrical second theme. Curiously, or maddeningly, the key of this new theme relates to the grand introductory theme, not the theme of the preceding Russian folk theme. This new lyrical theme is moves from orchestra to the piano, which embarks on a fantasy and dramatic cadenza, eventually sputtering out and concluding quietly in yet another new key (C minor, unrelated to all the others so far!). The music stops again. And then a gentle lullaby-like closing melody emerges and concludes the exposition, again in the key related to the grand introductory theme, not the Russian folk theme.

The instrument that served as reference is a Steinway B from Hamburg that belongs to the Martha Argerich Edition, a set of 25 grand pianos selected and signed in 2014 by the prestigious pianist for their musicality. Subtle refinements of the physical model were made, resulting in a noticeably clear tone and astounding dynamics.

This physical model of C. Bechstein Digital Grand is originally derived from a C. Bechstein D 282 concert grand piano, captured by the acclaimed Teldex Recording studio in Berlin. Authorized by Bechstein, the Pianoteq model reproduces the outstandingly brilliant and powerful sound of the C. Bechstein D 282 with its singing, richly coloured voice, suitable for many different music genres.

The Rock piano is developed to meet requirements for a specific pop/rock piano, modelled from a well known Japanese grand piano, frequently seen on stages and very much appreciated by touring artists for its musical qualities and reliability.

The first generation of pianos began with Cristofori's pianoforte in 1698 which came to maturity at the end ofthe 19th century with the acoustic grand pianos. It was followed in the 20th century by the second generationelectro-acoustic pianos and the third generation sampled pianos where each note is a recording of how it soundedduring a specific moment in time, not taking into account the complexity of the instrument.

MODARTT takes up the challenge by providing an unprecedented extra-large key range for its Steinway D and K2 virtual grand pianos, with no less than 105 keys (17 keys more than the standard keyboard range), ranging from ultra-low rumbling bass to very high bird-like pitches.

Steinberg has released a new high-quality Steinberg The Grand 3 virtual piano. Grand 3 contains all the artistic details that elevate the virtual instrument to an unprecedented height of realism of sound. It features three grand pianos (Yamaha C7, Bösendorfer 290 Imperial, Steinway D), a Yamaha CP80 Electric Grand digital grand piano and a Nordiska Pianofabriken. Recording of all instruments was carried out in studio conditions using a large number of microphones.

The incomparable sound of the Yamaha C7 grand piano holds the record for beauty and musicality. This incredible sound was the result of a long work of programmers and musicians. The Yamaha C7 virtual grand piano is able to convey all the features of musical expression in performance.

The Bösendorfer 290 Imperial is a virtual grand piano that allows the gourmet of high-quality sound to enjoy all the colors and richness of the timbre of a real grand piano. It is perfectly controlled with the appropriate controllers and is able to shine in every piece of music, delivering luxurious sound quality.

Neuman microphones were made to special order for recording grand pianos. The characteristics of these microphones have been adapted to the piano, taking into account the timbre and frequency characteristics. The microphones reproduced the luxurious sound of each instrument with maximum fidelity. Everything was recorded: the acoustics of the room, the resonance of the strings, the sound of hammers and even the rustle of the pedal. 350c69d7ab


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