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NAN WHALEY COMES TO HQ October 11, 2022 by Susan Clewell

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Richland County Democrats turned out last Tuesday night to support Nan Whaley and her vision for Ohio. She was welcomed by raucous cheers from an audience eager for change. Whaley’s message was clear: “I want your pay to go up, your bills to go down, and your government to work for you.” Her vision is one of inclusion, and sees a community that works together instead of apart. She believes that the hardworking people of Ohio deserve better than Mike DeWine who has overseen four years of decline while Ohio has risen to the top in government corruption.

Nan’s ‘One Good Job’ Plan is at the forefront of her campaign. “Ohio is at a crossroads. The world is changing — new industries and technologies are creating the good-paying jobs of the future. We can either adapt and change with it, or be left behind.” Projections show there will be 22,000 jobs opening in the building trades across Ohio as a result of Biden's infrastructure plan. She wants those jobs to go to Ohioans and local projects built by local people. “The people of Mansfield should build Mansfield.” And that is why Nan wants to invest in apprenticeship programs, to ensure that the young people of our state have the skills they need to find good paying jobs that help to “build wealth in communities that are not just Columbus.”

Inflation has meant struggle for families across the state, only adding to the stress and exhaustion of the last 2 ½ years, the former mayor of Dayton said. To provide immediate relief, Nan would use federal funds provided by Biden to give each adult a $350 rebate. After all she said, "if Florida and Indiana can do it, certainly we can too."

Whaley then spoke of that infamous day when the US Supreme Court reversed 50 years of legal precedent and overturned Roe, allowing states to decide a woman's access to abortion. Mike DeWine wasted no time in capitalizing on this decision, she said. Within 7 hours, he implemented Ohio’s 6 week abortion ban. On day one of her administration, she will work to get Roe on the ballot. Governor DeWine is terribly out of step with the people of Ohio, Mayor Whaley said. Over 82% of them believe that abortion access is important in cases where a minor is raped, and 59% would vote to amend the state constitution to make abortion access a fundamental right. We are losing our young people to other states because of these actions by DeWine. They don't want' to stay in an Ohio where women have no choice over their reproductive health.

Whaley spoke how as Mayor of Dayton she had to deal with the mass shooting in a downtown district. In a span of 32 seconds, nine people were killed and 17 injured by one person. If not for the bravery of Dayton police officers who shot and killed the gunman, she said, many more would have died. Despite promises from DeWine afterwards to do something, she pointed out that he actually made things worse by signing a stand your ground law, a law allowing concealed carry without a permit, and a law arming school workers with very little training. All were actions that police opposed. Again DeWine is out of step with Ohioans, 85% of whom are in favor of expanding background checks.

Nan Whaley and Cheryl Stephens want to build an Ohio that cares for ALL of its citizens. Nan Whaley is not a millionaire like DeWine with a mansion fancy enough to have its own Wikipedia page. She is working class and has been a dedicated public servant all of her life. As mayor of Dayton, she worked hard to bring groups together to build sustainable change, giving all families access to childcare and reducing the impact of the opioid epidemic on the community. Nan Whaley understands the problems our state is facing and will work to Ohioans achieve the dreams they’ve set for themselves, their children, and our communities.

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