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ON THE BALLOT: Tamie Wilson for Congress by Morgan Young

It's time to learn about the candidates on the November 08 ballot. This is a BIG election that will affect our daily lives. Meet Tamie Wilson, candidate for the 4th Congressional District.

Tamie Wilson is running to be our Congressional Representative in Washington in the November 08 General Election. She is looking to be the one to kick Freedom Caucus member and Trump enabler Jim Jordan out of office.

Wilson sees herself as a middle-ground candidate. She says, ““Unity brings progress, and division brings chaos…We need representatives that are going to be bipartisan…for all people…I support the police. I support the 2nd Amendment. I am extremely fiscally conservative.” Wilson credits part of the reason she’s running to her belief that our government is “too far divided.”

Wilson has spoken out about her opponent Jim Jordan’s eligibility to even be on the ballot, citing violation of the 14th Amendment, Article 3.** (see below)

Wilson is a biracial businesswoman and a single mom. She was married to a US Marine and understands military life. Wilson wants to support veterans’ mental and physical healthcare and advocate for military members and their loved ones.

Wilson has protested and testified for voting rights and fair maps in Ohio. Ohio’s current maps have been ruled unconstitutional, specifically for giving unfair advantage to the Republican party.

Wilson’s current initiatives include writing bills to support police and immigration reform and cybersecurity. She says there should be guidelines for the internet, as there are for other media platforms like radio and television. Wilson backs current bills for term limits and to stop taxing overtime pay, social security pay, and employee bonuses under $10,000.

Wilson is pro-choice and an LGBTQ+ ally. In the House, she will vote for equal pay; women’s healthcare; and protection from sexual harrassment, sexual assault, and domestic violence. Wilson is a survivor of domestic violence, and she lost an aunt to murder. Wilson says, “We need more women in office. We need to be at the table where decisions are being made about our lives.”

Wilson’s plan for education includes free pre-K for all. She wants to create equal access to education and believes tax money should be proportionately distributed to schools based on the number of students and faculty.

Wilson comes from a family of farmers and says her first plan of action will be to pass the Farm Bill. She will enforce antitrust laws, lower supply and equipment costs, empower farmers by stopping the abusive practices of meat processing companies, and require financial assistance to be timely dispersed. Wilson embraces regenerative agriculture, which bolsters the health of the land, improves water quality, helps reverse climate change, and reduces expenses.

Wilson is a strong supporter of small businesses and manufacturing. In fact, Wilson is a small business owner herself! Her business was affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, and she understands the everyday obstacles that business owners face. Wilson is committed to increasing Ohio jobs and wages and supporting unions. She plans to protect social security and medicare. Along with that Wilson wants to lower prescription drug prices and make healthcare accessible to all Ohioans.

As Congresswoman, Wilson looks forward to transitioning Ohio to renewable energy. She also realizes gas and diesel are important in our current economy. Wilson denounces Jordan’s refusal to sign the Consumer Price Gouging Prevention Act, which would stop gas price increases. Rising gas prices have contributed to overall inflation.

Wilson is an Executive Committee Member for the Delaware Democratic Party. She’s also a member of the Delaware County Citizens’ Police Academy Alumni Association.

Wilson’s community involvement includes partnering to Help End Human Trafficking and walkng in the March to End Racism.

Wilson attended Otterbein University and studied psychology and marketing.

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**The 14th Amendment, Article 3 states that no person may seek office who has “engaged in insurrection or rebellion” against the United States. Jordan voted against certifying the 2020 Presidential Election results and has been vocal in his support for former President Trump's efforts to overturn the 2020 election results. Jordan spoke with the former president on the phone multiple times on Jan 6, including 10 minutes before pro-Trump rioters attacked the U.S. Capitol. Jordan has refused to cooperate with the committee investigating the Insurrection. And Jordan himself confirmed that he sent a text to the former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows on January 5 that said Vice President Mike Pence "should call out all electoral votes that he believes are unconstitutional as no electoral votes at all."*** Jordan was originally submitted to sit on the bipartisan Jan 6 Committee by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy. But Jordan’s submission was rejected with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi saying in a public statement, “With respect for the integrity of the investigation, with an insistence on the truth and with concern about statements made and actions taken by these Members, I must reject the recommendations of Representatives [Jim] Banks and Jordan to the Select Committee.” ***READ*** Jim Jordan Confirms his Jan 6 Text to Trump: READ:

Jordan Tapped to be on Jan 6 Committee READ:

Jordan Rejected from Serving on the Jan 6 Committee

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