ON THE BALLOT: Tim Ryan for U.S. Senate by Morgan Young

Updated: Oct 29

It's time to learn about the candidates on the November 08 ballot. This is a BIG election that will affect our daily lives.

This season, I'm doing bios for candidates endorsed by the Democratic Party.

First up...

TIM RYAN for US SENATE Ryan’s primary platform is the Ohio economy and how it impacts quality-of-life. He specifically wants to revitalize Ohio manufacturing. Ryan co-chairs the Congressional Manufacturing Caucus, which seeks to keep American workers and businesses globally competitive. Other important issues for Ryan include raising wages and making both healthcare and college more affordable.

Ryan is currently serving his 10th term in the US House of Representatives, 13th Congressional District, where he is on the House Appropriations Committee. As a State Representative, Ryan has fought to protect Medicare and Social Security and battled the opioid crisis. Ryan was formerly elected to the State Senate, where his efforts included establishing a state-based earned income tax credit.

Before being elected to public office, Ryan served as President of the Trumbull County Young Democrats and as Chairman of the Earning by Learning program in Warren, Ohio. His political career began as a congressional aide with the US House of Representatives. He later interned for the Trumbull County Prosecutor’s Office.

Ryan is the author of Healing America and The Real Food Revolution.

He holds a JD from the University of New Hampshire School of Law and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Bowling Green State University.

His endorsements include Ohio AFL-CIO, IUE-CWA, Ohio State Conference of IBEW, Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters, Ohio Education Association, Ohio Nurses Association, United Autoworkers, United Steelworkers, and more.

To see where Ryan stands on the issues including healthcare, the environment, LGBTQ+ equality, reproductive health, and more, click here:

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About the Position Each state elects two Senators who serve six-year terms. The Senate is part of our legislative branch, affecting laws. The legislative branch also regulates interstate and foreign commerce, controls taxing and spending policies, and can declare war. A senator’s day may include meeting with constituents, discussing policy issues in committee meetings, negotiating compromises on bills that are proposed to become laws, and making public appearances to convey their message to the public. Senators protect State’s Rights, conduct impeachment proceedings for high federal officials, and play an important role in treaties and confirmation appointments for positions like ambassadors and court justices.

More about the role of Senators:

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