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Updated: Oct 8, 2023

GERRYMANDERING is a long word with a long history that is a threat to American democracy. Young Dem Morgan Young has put together a two part video series that explains what it is and what it does. Both parties have been guilty of it, but in 2010 Republicans in Ohio took it to new levels. Ohioans responded by overwhelmingly approving constitutional amendments that promised fair districts in the future with the creation of a seven member Redistricting Commission. That promise never came to fruition as Republicans dominated the panel that drew the new maps, 5-2. Despite being declared unconstitutional by the Ohio Supreme Court, the maps are in effect until the 2024 elections. Three of those Republicans are up for re-election November 8 : Governor DeWine, Secretary of State LaRose, and Auditor of State Faber. Winning even two of those races will give us a majority on the Commission, which is why we must Get Out the Vote for Whaley, Clark, and Sappington. Take Action: LEND A HAND.

Part One:

Part Two:

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