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Audio Damage Pack 13 Plugins AU VST UB

Audio Damage Pack 13: A Review of the Best AU VST UB Plugins on the Market

If you are looking for a collection of creative and versatile audio effects and instruments for your AU VST UB projects, you might want to check out Audio Damage Pack 13. This pack contains 13 plugins from Audio Damage, a company that has been creating forward-looking tools for the imaginative musician since 2002. In this article, we will review each plugin and see what they can do for your music production.

Audio Damage pack 13 plugins AU VST UB

914 Fixed Filter Bank

This plugin is a recreation of the Moog Modular 914 module, which is a fixed filter bank with 12 band-pass filters and a low-pass and high-pass filter. You can use this plugin to add color and character to your sounds, or to create complex filter effects by modulating the filter levels with an LFO or an envelope follower. You can also use it as a spectral analyzer to see the frequency distribution of your input signal.


This plugin is a unique and innovative effect that combines cellular automata and buffer effects. Cellular automata are mathematical models that simulate the behavior of cells based on simple rules. You can use this plugin to create complex patterns of glitches, stutters, reverses, slices, and granular effects that evolve over time. You can also draw your own patterns or use one of the presets to generate random effects.


This plugin is a multi-effect processor that consists of two modulation sequencers, a gate sequencer, a filter, a bit crusher, and a distortion unit. You can use this plugin to create rhythmic effects such as gating, filtering, crushing, and distorting your sounds in sync with your host tempo. You can also use it to create subtle variations or drastic transformations of your sounds by adjusting the sequencer parameters.