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Last Thursday, Party HQ  was host to an emergency meeting on Reproductive Justice. Organized by Richland Dem Joel Vega, a large and diverse crowd came to hear Attorney J.C. Elgin and Pro-Choice Ohio Field Organizer Cole Wojdacz speak about the path to the Dobbs decision, what it means now, and the fight going forward. Here is the link to the recording of the event: 



Donate to Ohio-based abortion funds

·         Preterm

·         Women Have Options - Ohio

·         Aggie Fund

Get involved with Pro-Choice Ohio

·         Sign the Declaration for Reproductive Freedom

·         Share your story

·         Join us at an event

·         Write a letter to the editor

Contact your state senator and representative and demand they repeal Ohio's abortion ban laws!

·         Find your state senator

·         Find your state representative

Vote in the upcoming August 2, 2022 special election

·         Check your voter registration by July 5th

·         Find early voting info or your polling location




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