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Make Your Voice Heard



It is time to end gerrymandering. The Citizens Not Politicians Ballot Initiative is an effort to do that in Ohio. Every 10 years, legislative maps are redrawn in Ohio to reflect any changes in the census. After the census of 2010, the Republican majority in the Ohio Legislature gerrymandered those maps to heavily favor Republican candidates . In 2015 and 2018, Ohio voters overwhelmingly passed Constitutional Amendments to put an end to gerrymandering. In 2021, the Republican majority found a way around the voters wishes. It's time to take politicians out of the map making business because no party should have the power to pick their voters. Fair districts is essential to a healthy democracy. Help get this on the ballot this fall by signing the petition so voters can decide whether politicians choose their voter or voters choose their politicians.  MORE


Reproductive Justice

With the passage of Issue 1 in November of 2023, the right to choose has been enshrined in the Ohio Constitution. Attacks on Women Reproductive Rights in Ohio will not stop though, just as they didn't after Roe passed.  MORE

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